Friday, December 7, 2012

WATCH: Saad Ramadan 2012 Smoking Music Video ‫كليب سعد رمضان - عين وصابت - جديد 2012‬

Forget this winter season, Saad Ramadan is helping all of us stay warm this cold. He hast just released his hot off the press music video for the single he released a month ago. The single was about the bad eye and people with bad karma and negative energy.

Such people can ruin a perfectly amazing love story, Mr. cool is back and he is looking mighty good. He is sporting hot shades, a hell of a car ride. We may have lost Fadel Shaker, but we have gotten in exchange a newer and more sober version of a Lebanese romance star with a heart of gold.

Saad knows the power of his looks, that explains the incredibly closeup camera shots. I do not know where they filmed this music video, but this is some amazing set they are working with. Love the pool scene, it's beautifully excited. Yes, they have done something new for Arabic music videos -getting tattoos have never been filmed in such a family friendly way. The story does not end, we are told there will be a followup to this love story between those gorgeous lovebirds.

‫كليب سعد رمضان - عين وصابت - جديد 2012‬


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