Friday, December 7, 2012

RIP Legendary Composer Ammar El Sherei Dies At 64

Ammar El Sherei has not moved to a better place. He will be missed by the working entertainers in Egypt and the audiences who have come to love the man and adore his work. Egypt's living legend and link to the past musical glory, the blind man who helped shape Egyptian music has passed away this morning at the age of 64. While Ammar made classical music, he has also dedicated some time for pop and the young voices he has come to appreciate.

He has been sick for a really long time, and last news item I read was that of the President of Egypt promising to pay for all his medical expenses. He passed way in AlSaffa Hospital after a long struggle with illness.

Among his many achievements for the past 30 years, composing music for more than 50 films, 150 TV dramas, 20 radio shows and 10 plays. His first piece was in 1975. But in 1980 he formed the first pop music band "Al-Asdiqa'a" that owned that era and helped define Arabic pop for many generations to come. Ammar also took interest in kids songs, he has made so many of them through out his career.

From 1991 to 2003 he was commissioned to be the musical director for the October victories celebrations -a huge deal in Egypt. He was also a professor at the Egypt Art academy where he has worked with students on their Masters and Doctorate degrees. His greatest gift was his vision which made up for his lack of sight. He went own to put some of the great and most defining musical pieces and soundtracks.

عمار الشريعي - ذكريات Ammar El-Sherei


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