Friday, December 7, 2012

Roasting Chestnuts " Castana" With Yara This Christmas

The music Gods of Lebanon are celebrating the release of a new Christmas album in Arabic by people who actually do not have any Arabic names. "Castana" is what the album is called, Arabic for chestnuts, a very Christmasy treat. Yes,a warm fire helps us roast some of those meaty nuts. I think the picked a catch title for the album, a title that even those who do not read or understand Arabic can say with ease.

Yara, and Lara Scander talking up the album in concert with the composer behind it Jean Marie- Riachi. In a big bash where scores of Arab entertainers attended the release--names include Kazem Al Saher. The album will have 11 tracks, sic of which will be in Arabic. Two months ago this was just an idea... it's an incredible production to bring an album in those short 8 weeks.

Have not heard the album yet, but it feels like a Beirut album--very festive. This album will mAke the kids happy. So this Christma, skip the French and English holiday songs--you got a new album in Arabic.
جان ماري رياشي يطلق ألبوم Castana


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