Saturday, December 1, 2012

Leftist Actor Khaled El Sawy Promotes Indie Music

Khaled El Sawy has always spoke his mind, even prior to the revolution. He stood for the little guy and issues warning to big business intimidating people. Those political stands are also clear through his roles in movies and Dramas. He led many protests against Mubarak and has urged his peers to join him. By doing so he took a risk unlike many others who stood on the sidelines.

I do not think he has made any movies recently, but that does not mean he is not keeping a busy schedule. Khaled joined an indie band that blends poetry and music in a show meant for the intellectuals. They put original music and the band is known as Al-Assifah--the Storm. 

Vocalists, and Eastern and Egyptian instruments to spread a massage of peace and hope for his people. He is reminding people that since their foes do not quit, they do not have to quit themselves. The actor brings a lot of attendees, something the band enjoys that considers itself a throwback to the Egyptian glory days of music.

خالد الصاوي يُغنّي وسط العاصفة


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