Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Egyptian Joker Speaks Up On The Protests

El Joker is a young and angry rapper in Egypt. He is disappointed to see what takes place in his country at the moment. He is unhappy with the brotherhood, the old regime, and the politicians and interest groups. He is hardly the only one, but he is the loudest among money.

He is 20 years old and he is a student of telecommunication engineering. He is interested in poetry (classical and contemporary) where he has honed his own poetry writing--where he raps them now. He is also a student o history, philosophy and has also studied atheism. So this is a rapper who is a well -read.

He likes to rap as a way to vent, and get something off his chest. He is all about meaningful lyrics, and strong meaningful messages with clever flow. El Joker is a firm believer in one meeting his own promises. I cannot appreciate me, if others have fails to see the good in me.

The song below has been produced by a major producer and has caught fire on the web.

El Joker ft. Ibi "Baladna" - "الجوكر و ايبي "بلدنا


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