Saturday, December 1, 2012

More Please! May Abd El Aziz - Beautiful Muhammad

May Abd El Aziz is a talented young vocalist/social worker who has a vision of spreading peace love and respect through music all over the world, and her mission is to change the world's bad views on Islam. She is based in Cairo where she performs with her head cover and exotic looks.

Her most recent song is titled Beautiful Muhammad, about the prophet of Islam, his teaching and his way of life. While May might not be on CNN and other news channels like those violent groups labeled as Muslims, she is doing her part. May sings for Muslims, inspiring them to be the best version of themselves and live the life of their prophet.

In her music video project she brings dogs and shows them some love. She can be seen engaging in the life many Egyptians have known--she is one of the people. She tours the streets and in parts she is recording her song that most Muslims will cheer her on.

May Abd El Aziz - Beautiful Muhammad


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