Saturday, December 1, 2012

WATCH: New MJK - Haifa Wehbe برومو كليب هيفاء وهبى

And I thought she was in the city of New York healing from her divorce with the ex that she claims to still love. But no Haifa Wehbe was in the big apple filming a music video for her mega song MJK. She filmed them with a the help of big studio and burning thousands of dollars.

Haifa Wehbe is going to outlast us all, she is the Madonna of our part of the world, she has so many images, so many tricks that she keeps bringing out form her bag. We have to stand by and watch her do her thing, so check out his light filled music video, it feels like a Las Vegas Gentleman club. Flash dance it's and I am now remembered a music video for J. Lo that might have done similar affects.

I have no reasons to doubt that this will be a dazzling music we have to see it, but the promo gives you an peak.

Haifa MJK FINAL Album Teaser in HD / هيفا وهبي - ملكة جمال الكون

New MJK - Haifa Wehbe


  1. She's a pathetic piece of old-hag poop, and addressing her as the 'Next Madonna' is pretty much stretching it a bit too far (like the age-lines she gaudily hides beneath tons of makeup). Now, and to see things in retrospect...
    From an ad-girl, cheap-chintz, two-bob working-class girl in the late 80's (nothing to do with anything "Madonna-like" here, mind), straight to this latest farce which heralds this old, ugly Lebanese woman as 'Mrs. Universe' isn't quite going to work for a megacompany; run by Saudi-petrodollars like Rotana.

    Besides, Leb-Pop is dead.