Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jean-Marie Riachi "Castana" Arabic Christmas Album

Chestnut or Castana, is a new Christmas album from the production of popular Lebanese producer and composer Jean-Marie Riachi (JMR). The album features six songs by Yara and 2 for Lara Scander. Two Christian young women with incredible voices. Jean is one of their biggest fans and cheerleaders so it makes sense he puts them on his Christmas and Holiday album.

The album also has two Christmas melodies, and duets for new and upcoming stars like Kristina Haddad and Mark Raeedy. Here's a thought why does not one working on this album has an Arabic name? Aren't you curious?  I know many non-Christians also celebrate this holiday. An Arabic album is a great idea to warm up this otherwise cold season.

The album revisits all those Christmas songs from English and other languages  turning them into Arabic and using Arabic notes and instruments. The album was an idea that came a year ago, and become a reality this year. It does feel like the album is made for cultural reasons and not commercial reasons, but money helps both incentives. 

The album will release officially tomorrow, but it has already been on the top of virgin mega store charts in Beirut.

Prime Time News 25/11/2012 "كستنا"... ميلاد لبنان


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