Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Listen and Learn: Wael Jassar 2012 Single اغنية وائل جسار - الله على الحب | جديد

So you think you can romance? Think again! Wael Jassar is back in action. He has a new single out! I am loving it. Wael sounds like her knows a thing or two about that real love, the everlasting one. He is celebrating love ad his love one. The kind of love that makes your heart wants to dance.

Wael Jassar is making his way to be one of the biggest names in romantic song, the sobering kind, that both men and women have come to love. If I am to make a lit of the greatest love songs for the past five years, Wael would have the lion's share. His latest single is meant to be a celebration of love, not the people who give it a bad name.

There are a great many songs that might make the list before these. But Wael Jassar's songs seeks to provide a unique angle on romantic love. There are some songs here that may even inspire scoffing, but I remind you, these songs are not so much about musical genius, as they are about lyrical insight. He picks winners, he lives those winning songs and the hits the recording studio.

Unlike many others, ale does not have to do retail songs, the ones where he sings in Egyptian or Lebanese  His songs are warmly received by Arabs across dialects. He is a wholesaler of love.

اغنية وائل جسار - الله على الحب | جديد 2012


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