Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Listen: The Catchy Real Muslim Song اغنية مسلم والرك على النيه - مدحت صالح

It's never about the beard, and it's not about adopting some sectarian version of Islam, it's not about joining a school of thoughts but rather acting like one. This is the song Medhat Saleh just released about being a true Muslim, the one that doe snot wear his religion on his sleeves.

I stand with the people of the Arab World and pray for them, I fast and pay alms.....You will know my religion form my action and not my identity on some card. This is a catchy song with an upbeat melody and a positive message that unites most Muslims. Well done Medhat Saleh, he are not done my friend  Keep those songs coming.

I like such things, my religion is not what you wear and how you look like--you can do what you like....but rather about feeling like one and better acting like one. I love the line, where Medhat I cry for the cause worth crying. This is a feel good song, it does not say shave your beard, but rather you are not a better Muslim because you have the look of a guy who lived hundreds of years ago.

 اغنية مسلم والرك على النيه - مدحت صالح | 2012 Moslem.Welrak.3la.Elnya


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