Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Can Sami Yusuf Ever Outdo The Success Of "Al-Mu'allim"

At first you have a sing, then it goes around, people love it and so do you. Then comes the thought, I will never make a better song, or the fans will never see anything as good as my hit song. This is not a new problem, some writers  authors, entertainers face the same problem. They do something very well and it defines them for the rest of their lives.

Then you realize, you better hate this song of yours because nobody else will ever see you as good as your first hit. I know a lot of entertainers almost do not want to perform their song that everyone wants until they let you hear all their other songs. Sami Yusuf is no different, his song about prophet Muhammad became his calling card.

Each time he appears on stage, the song is on the playlist. The song is a delight to listen to, a tribute to the man and his teachings. The song hits all the high notes, it calms you, and it uplifts you. This is a signature style of Sami Yusuf. Sami have had a number of hits through his career and he keeps on turning out amazing records, something his fans love him for.

"Salaam" is his latest album and it offers a great deal of entertainment, as musical work, it's out of this world, Sami has manged to keep a 16 track album highly entertaining and moving at the time time. You have to get curios with this album, one song is not near enough. I also have appreciated the guests on the album, they bring their A game for a beautifully crafted album. Sami is a global star, so it makes a lot of sense for him to tour the world searching for new styles and elements that he can incorporate into his work.

Sami Yusuf - Al-Mu'allim (Live) | From the DVD "Live at Wembly Arena"


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