Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Listen: As Egypt Burns Aziz El Shafei New Song عزيز الشافعي - انتي دولة.

One of the hardest working composers turned singers in Egypt, is Aziz El Shafei, the guy who likes two things, Egypt and soccer, in this order. As he watched over Egypt, he had to write a song about his homeland. Egypt, will always be there, you won't. Aziz has been camping out in Tahrir Square protesting the unconstitutional moves by the President.

Those who wrong Egypt are not going to be there forever, Egypt will be you can guarantee it. This is a really heartrending song. Egypt has seen better days. But we cannot every time we do not like something, shut down the country and with it the economy.

Egypt is a country, not owned by few people, it belongs to its people--all of 85 millions of them. The song mentioned the fallen, and threatens the enemies, the foreign and domestic ones. I wish we were enjoying a happy song about Egypt, but I do not see us doing that anytime soon.

   عزيز الشافعي - انتي دولة



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