Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yara To Collaborate With Filipino Pop Star

Yara is going to record duet with a popular singer in the Philippines (Eriky?, Kiki?). Together they will record the song in Manila and film a music video too. Parts of the music video will be filmed in Kuwait  The Philippines is a popular tourist destination for many Arab pop stars, but as for the music there no one has event tried to collaborate with a local star.

The sing who I have yet to find a right spelling for has won some awards for lyrics and songs. The song will be in English, Philippine and Arabic. Yara will be doing the Arabic portion.  We do not need to remind you that Yara has been missing in action for few months as she is too busy headlining private concerts in the affluent gulf states.

Yara has done other duets in the past with other male stars. Something tell me this one is different as dance and good times will be written all over it. When you have two ladies doing a song, they ain't going to be romancing one another. This is a random mix of cultures and arts, I would be interested to learn more about the background of how this song came to light.


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