Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sweet Jesus By Julia Boutros - Jayi Christmas 2012 / جوليا بطرس - جايي كريستماس

The mainstream song for Christmas, with Jesus and his birth has been released and the voice is for Julia Boutros. Recorded with a live orchestra in Prague. Celebrating Christmas in Lebanon and throughout Arabia has always been hard--the place witnessed where the actual birth took place and much of its history.

But Julia who is a bright star on her own, the Arab world is so proud of her and her high sensibilities. She released a mind blowing album this summer and now she is doubling down with a Christmas album to help bring some real joy into the lives of Christians in the region. She made a high class album, none of that amateurism stuff. She hires the best, and she expects the best.

Julia is singing for Jesus, not the presents and  all that non-religious stuff. This is a hard hitting song about the birth of the man who would change the shape of history. As someone who is not Christian, I have a great deal of admiration of those kinds of songs.   

Julia Boutros - Jayi Christmas 2012 / جوليا بطرس - جايي كريستماس


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