Thursday, December 6, 2012

Medicore Interview With Average Acterss Ghada Adel

I think she has little talent, she has yet to challenge herself and present a new role where she is no Ghada Adel. She is not acting, merely behaving on camera. But she is hardly the only one. here are only half a dozen Egyptian actors who can really act. The rest just do the same roles over and over again.

She also tried TV presenting/hosting, and I think she has not revisited the experiences  Anyhow, Ghada does the role where the main guy, a dude who wants to get married, she is the supportive gal. She might have gotten married and engaged at least thirty times. It's not like they have complex roles for females, they are mean to be loved and want to have a family.

She did play a role where she was the idealist scientis once
لقاء غادة عادل في احتفالية اخبار النجوم


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