Thursday, December 6, 2012

The New Rawabi Song By Cedar روابي - سيدر زيتون

Cedar Zaitoun is a great Palestinian vocalist, her voice reminds of the land of Palestine and all its aromas. Her name alone tells tales of the Palestine s land, Cedar and olives! She is native to the city of Haifa. If you do not know, the real estate pimps of Palestine have started a new residential project--a new town in the outskirts of Ramllah. They named it Rawabi

The people behind this mega project are out to give themselves some good name, they have already hired an Iraqi Australian singer to do a song for them--he did. Then they went for another one, a young and a dazzling Palestinian vocalist with the name Cedar. I am a big fan of Cedar's work, and it's a shame to see her dabbling into business. But she could also be misled.

Cedar has issues a press release talking up the project and how much good it does for Palestine. The lyrics have been written by a Syrian poet. The project is about money, it has nothing to do with art, culture. So let's stop pretend that the Rawabi project is some national milestone.

This is a great song by Cedar and it lives up to her musical legacy. She maintains her attachment to the land and its people. Only someone with a big heart as big as Cedar's can make a business sounds like a monumental leap of faith.

Rawabi - Cedar روابي - سيدر زيتون


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