Thursday, December 6, 2012

Listen: Loai's Softer Side 2012 Single اغنية لؤى - ودعتها

I like Loai, he is one of the least productive talented voices out there. But he has lost my vote for his latest single for 2012. A Breakup song without actually breaking up, saying goodbye without getting to actually say the words. No, this is a riddle.

Loai brings out a softer side of his career, the one where he tries to make us feel his heartache. But frankly, he does a much better job making us feel really happy. Loai has been blessed with a great voice a loyal fan base. You may feel this song of his, but I am not feeling it--not even one bit.

When I first got a hold of his single, my hear was racing, but then I feelt bombed out, because he could do better songs--granted Egypt is no mode for happy songs at the moment.

اغنية لؤى - ودعتها | Loai - Wad3taha


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