Thursday, December 6, 2012

WATCH: Cairokee And Zap Tharwat New Joint كايروكي وزاب ثروت انا مش منهم

Black and white the the go color nowadays if you have something to mourn. Zap Thrwat and Cairokee teemed up together for this joint about the standoff between the government and the people of Egypt. This is a blood soaked song from the guys who never seem to be happy. Or at least they are busier when things get messier  I am certain, they are not happy about what they see in Egypt, but they have to voice their concerns.

"I am not from them", This song is about not selling out and playing it safe. They always wake me up before I fall sleep, so I won't dream--a very clever line. Cariokee has emerged to be one of the hardest working indie bands in Egypt--they truly make amazing songs. This time, they bring another star who has built a huge kingdom in Egyptian rap. It's a conscientious and pleasant song.

The song does not ask much, just do not stop believing, the majority might be right, but the song makes it clear, they band and performers are not among the majority that has always meant to be silent.

كايروكي وزاب ثروت انا مش منهم


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