Saturday, December 8, 2012

Listen: The All Ladies Angham And Asalah New Duet اغنية اصالة وانغام - حصة | جديد

Two equally awesome ladies get together and make a solid track. This track they wanted to make, not a one they had to make. Angham, Egypt's finest female voice with three decades of history joined forced with Asalah. The Syrian diva also has a great career under her belt. They both started singing as little girls and both have fathers who are musicians.

I adore this power, both showcase their vocal might, they bring different things to the song. A high quality track with great music, more like a music festival for the sincere ones among us. A romance song where they both describe moments of time. This is like two divas joining forces to bring us an even better song than they can do on their own. Not to many female voices make songs together ...this one is extra special because Angham is a legend and a Asalah is another.

This is a track made for this time, I hear hints of Indian music, and I hear hints of excitement in this romantic song. I must say this a winner that was kept away from the spotlight until, it was released. I have always appreciated poetic songs, this one is no different.

اغنية اصالة وانغام - حصة | جديد


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