Sunday, December 9, 2012

Picture: The Coolest TV Show Set You Will See

It took the city of Dubai to come up with a really cool TV set for a live show. Dubai's international TV has a show which films in front of a live aquarium. I do not think I ever saw such a thing before and I really love my TV. This has to be a good idea as if the show was not good on a given day, the fishes will makeup for that.

The image is taken for Lebanese singer Bassel Eid who was visiting Dubai for a concert. The interview was part of the show "In Beirut" hosted by Ghona Amyoni. The singer spoke about his latest singles and his activities. The singer spoke about his humor and odd filled music video--see below.

Bassel Eid - Abbouta / باسل عيد - عبوطة


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