Sunday, December 9, 2012

Listen: Yuri Mrakadi Poetry Meets Rock يوري مرقدي انا الموقع ادناه

Lebanon's song, the guy who reads poetry and makes songs that bring such art to life is Yuri Mrakadi. He is back with a new single that is rich in passion and glorifying women. If there has ever been a comeback song for Yuri, this is it.

Yuri has always celebrated the Arab woman, he has wrote her many songs before and was bold in his affection and appreciation to the Arab ladies--too many guys shy away from it. His song has been titled "The party singing below" is the legal way of declaring one's legal statements. A confession of love and admiration set to lines from Arabic poetry and rock music.

I love Yuri's energy and the many thoughts he has put forward to bring this song to the airwaves. Yuri does have plenty of fans, and he has guys who envy him. He is the artists you listen to when you are looking for something a little different, the overall vibe and feel of the song. The instrument harmonies usually on the more subtle side, but sometimes the more heavy handed ones work too. Mix all of that with some catch factor and you're in good shape in my books. Thank you Yuri on behalf of this blog, and the Arab women of the world.

يوري مرقدي انا الموقع ادناه 2012


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