Sunday, December 9, 2012

Listen: Ramy Essam, I Love You But This Song Is Criminal اغنية الكائن الاخوانى - رامي عصام

One of the most dynamic and most progressive singers that was born during the revolution is Ramy Essam. He has always been consistent, he goes to the Tahrir Square with his guitar and he performs songs. So he is a revolutionary singer who is also been an activist. He has written many songs, and has called for unity. I love the dude's style.

BUT, his most recent song is dangerous. He calls for violence against people who disagree with him--follow citizens. He hates the brotherhood  I got that, but he cannot deny them a role. They are part of the society, they played fair and won the election. They are not to be called "creatures" as your song suggests  they are human beings. Ramy has been camping out in Tahrir for 13 days and has pledged not to go home tell the new powers been canceled.

But Ramy's new single calls for division. He cannot be the one inciting violence. Art is not about telling others to go beat up people Ramy. You should always strive to call people for unity--you can resent the Muslim brotherhood, their politics and their leaders too. But this does not give you the right to deny their role in history  They did stand firm against the president and his regime. They held the Square when some people were running for their lives.

I loved you when you sang for Egypt, not for one party or against another. Last thing Egypt needs is more hate. There's no reason to attack names and figures of the party, what does that serve? When the chorus mocks these people--you still have the right to mock them. But a mob mentality should have no place in today's Egypt. There's no us and them--there is only We, Egyptians.

27/11/2012 اغنية الكائن الاخوانى - رامي عصام


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