Sunday, December 9, 2012

WATCH: Sabine Unhappy Wedding سابين - ليش زعلانة / فيديو كليب

Sabine is that  a pop songstress in Lebanon whose career has not taken off, she is the name recognition in Lebanon--maybe just Beirut. She has no trouble getting booked for TV interviews and media appearances. But she is now branching out and reaching for the Gulf market. Young people and college kids seem to dig her. She has won the Murex D'or as the best upcoming Star.

She is doing that by following the oldest trick in the books, recording a single in the Khaliji accent and on top of that a music video. Her music video is a sad one, she is not feeling the love from the guy she is marrying. Sabine might be challenging herself here and sending a single for others to take her seriously. A song in a wedding white dress may just do that for the young and multi-talented songstress.

I worry that this song won't help her get gigs in the Gulf market. Why? Here's  my take, most well paid gig in the Gulf countries are for weddings--happy ones. Sabine has a song about a really sad wedding and a tortured soul. Maybe that would be a bad omen. But to her credit, this is a new song that might help define her==she can sing seriously.

Sabine - Leish Za'lana / سابين - ليش زعلانه


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