Monday, December 10, 2012

The Song For Those Mubarak Loyalists اغنية احمى شعبك - عمرو مصطفى , خالد عز , هشام صادق

Protest the people of Egypt from your people! This is the call a bunch of Egyptian singers are shaming the president of their land--Morsi. Who the hell are you says the song? The most loyal Mubarak cheerleader Amr Mousta stands behind this song and he is not alone this time. He has brought tow other nobodys who are nostalgic to the old regime.

The song is set against the Muslim Brotherhood, our blood is decorating your hands. One question, are you the son of an Egyptian? What do you guys think? Did Morsi come from a wall or were his parents not full blooded Egyptians.

Those people like to pretend they have voted for a saint in office, not a politician. Nothing seems to please those people at the moment. I do not know what will happen next, but either way Egypt is not going to go away, it will survive this.

 اغنية احمى شعبك - عمرو مصطفى , خالد عز , هشام صادق | 2012


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