Monday, December 10, 2012

Ahmad Hawili "O Lord" Song About This Hard Life

Ahmed Hawili sounds like a prophet of doom in his newest single. Death is cheap, the human life seems to have no values, siblings are turning on one another. A song about those who are dissatisfied with their lives. This Lebanese singer who often collaborated with Ghassan Rahabny chooses darker themes for his songs.

This song of his is about life, maybe Ahmed hates what he sees going on around some Arab countries. He has turned into a cynical spirit. I do not think this song will set well with listener  It doesn't fit Ahmed's voice nor style. I think holding back makes the song much worse. The world can use a song about hope, not frustration -they know what the song says...they just do not want to hear it in a song.

ahmad hawili ya sater


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