Friday, December 7, 2012

May Hariri's Sexy Legs Get A Music Video

Lebanese beauty Mai Hariri played it safe and tried to make us focus on her music and her voice, but that did not get her to where she needed to be. So the sexy mother stepped up her game in this image obsessed world we live in. She knows she has what it takes, so in her single new music video she owned it and showed those ladies how to be gorgeous.

For starter I love the new song of hers, it has all the right elements, the music is upbeat and all about the speed. I love driving to this car, it gives your heart a workout. And then Fulla, the Algerian delight does wonders with her verses. I think the English lines from the DJ serve a purpose keeping the song interesting to the club people.

Then we arrive at the music video, which tells me Mai is really smoking hot. She has always been, but not until this music video came out, you would not have noticed the whole lady hiding in there. Mai might get bad press from some jealous people, but she has done a transformation here. If this was a cry for attention, she certainly has done that.

The music video was filmed in Morocco.

Mai Hariri & Fulla - Bahwak / مي حريري و فلة - بهواك


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