Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WATCH: Spicy New Music Video By Elian Mahfouz إليان محفوظ - آه شو بحبو

Elian Mahfouz is sick of her man, so she is out on the seaport giving her love and attention to cool looking mannequin. At least, the word man is in mannequin. This is a surprisingly well made and entertaining much video that feels fresh. The lyrics are cute about a woman and her laundry list of what she wants in a man to love.

I have grown tired of so many cliche and dated music videos lately, but this one tells me about the hope in new and fresh ideas. Thanks to Fadi Haddad for his vision and direction. Elian makes watching the clip so much fun and she is looking the part--trust me. Elian knows the trade and has the confidence to pull off her colorful looks.

This music video made waves as they have chosen a garbage landfill in Beirut to film a portion of the clip. Elian has finally rocked the red dress look. I love the many looks we get to see and the mixing of the clip keeps things progressing in a good way. Together they have turned up the heat and mixed the Lebanese style with a more Western style.

Elian Mahfouz - Ah Shou Bhebo / إليان محفوظ - آه شو بحبو


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