Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chicago Got Nothing On Outlandish!

Outlandish makes music like they do in Chicago, music with heart and with real stories to tell. Outlandish is a popular band in Europe made up of three diverse band members. Their diversity is in their musical styles, vocal skills, and background stories.  And each speaks at least three other languages so well.

I do not know what they have been up to, but I like the time when the shared the stage with Sami Yusef for a concert, they were guests on his show and did not do more than that. However, you can hear the fans roar in the hall scream as they see their  favorite band members stroll into the stage.

Outlandish has never been into religious music, but they do not try to hide their religion either  While they do not wear their religion on their sleeves, they try to feature some positive Muslim role models in their music videos when they sing about love and being the best version of oneself. And yes,  their R&B is pretty smooth.

Sami Yusuf - Try Not To Cry feat. Outlandish (Live) | From the DVD "Live at Wembly Arena"


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