Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Listen: اغنية تاكى " ام تى ام " - بلدنا | Taki " MTM " - Baladna

Egypt's most popular fun rapper gets serious as he witnesses crazy stunts in Egypt. A song about his country,  and its people. Takki sings for the youth so it makes sense he voices their concerns in his raps. Forget out difference is one of the verses of his rap song.

Takki also is asking people to mind their business and stop preying on others. Egypt needs every shred of hard work now, they do not need hot headed politicians and firecracker activists. I love the mixing of the track, it sounds like one of those records they make in LA's finest studio. We are family says Takki, let's complete the journey.

I know Takki is not alone, most people see it just he does, but getting people to let go of their old ways and look forward has never been easy, but it does not have to be impossible.

اغنية تاكى " ام تى ام " - بلدنا | Taki " MTM " - Baladna


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