Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kazem Al Saher Lets His Music Do The Flirting

Kazem is a man whose songs have repeatedly shown that one he is a romantic, two he loves to glorify the ladies. He is a big flirt and often uses dozens of models in his music videos, but unlike most he keeps a safe distance. The ladies featured in his clips dress in a classy and eye pleasing way.

As for his part, Kazem keeps healthy look. He never puts on weight, always dressed for success and plays along. He is part of the show, it's an interaction between him and the models...he does not let them just stand in there looking awkward. Kazem has never been known for dance songs, but every now and then he tries something new to test it out.

Se the clip below, it's a song with a catchy and dancey beat, yet the women keep the classy look, there's a sense of positive energy in the room. Kazem walks in sees them and starts giving us a lesson of the ways of women, because in the romance game, you are on the land of women. The lyrics of the song are complex, just like trying to understand women, they are many things.  This is a 2011 song (Dalaa Al Nissa), the music videos was filmed din the Ukraine.

This is rather a fresh look for the singer who kicked things up a nudge for this modern tale. You can see your average club dance, a take on Iraqis' Favorite group dance.  Anyone who has been in a relationship will understand the song very well, as the relationship can go from nice and lovey into crazy in a heartbeat.

 كليب دلع النساء - كاظم الساهر KAZEM ALSAHER Dalaa Al Nissa


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