Monday, December 3, 2012

Listen: Guys Are Really Sweet Samer 2012 Single اغنية سامر ابو طالب - انا وانتى

No woman I know wants a man who cries more than she does. She may want him to be sensitive  and emotional at times. But not too emotional. I such balance lives a new old singer from is none other than the always sweet Samer Abu Talib. The voice who is making waves on the popular show The Voice. While he has released an album in 2009, he is still trying to figure out the commercial success and the going big thing.

His songs often remind me of something I may have otherwise forgotten. Also, the singer's voice and execution of the lyrics is important, he is always on the same level as the instrumentation. He is the sincere guy who shines in his pretty sweet solo.

Samer is not about getting the adrenaline going, instead his songs usually fall under great lyrics, moving melodies and musicianship. He is the singing broken heart, I sing because otherwise I would cry. We won't bear being apart, but this is the only option we have sings Samer

اغنية سامر ابو طالب - انا وانتى [ Master ]


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