Monday, December 3, 2012

Listen: Cyrine Abdel Nour 2012 Single جديد | اغنية سيرين عبد النور - حبايبى

Cyrine Abdel Nour has invaded four industries--she is an award wining model, an award winning songstress,   an award winning actress, and one hell of a product endorser. So, Cyrine Abdel Nour is a wholesome entertainer and family woman. She has sounded more dreamy and romantic in the past, but this time she is going for happy and life loving.

She is Miss class on top of glamour. God knows, she does not need to work, she has a lifetime celebrity status. She just needs to stare into the camera, and people will pay her to see that. But she ain't taking a break or slowing down, she has a new hot single out, and it's about her loved ones.

"Habybi" is an Egyptian song with the touches of masters like Tarke Madkour who arranged the music, the lyrics are the works of posh poet Bahaa Aldeen Mohamed. The music has been imagined by Ahmed Salah Hosny. Together that has brought to light a  platonic song about people we like in our life, the people that love us no matter what. It's a happy song and has caught fire on Lebanese radio. The time of the song is engineered to be close to holidays and new year concert deals. She is an accomplished songstress and she could use couple of good and well paid gigs.

As for her looks, Cyrine Abdel Nour has a team of people making sure she looks her best at any given minute. She pulls it off so well and so naturally. I won't be surprised if some women do not have a secret crush on her. I know the guys are heads over heels.

 جديد | اغنية سيرين عبد النور - حبايبى 2012


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