Monday, December 3, 2012

Listen: Medhat Saleh 2012 Single اغنية مدحت صالح - مين فيكم

Time for a reality check, and this is what you get once you listen to the new single from Medhat Saleh, the voice that has documented Egyptian pop culture for two generations and still going strong. Medhat is a fixture of Egyptian entertainment--films, TV, and music. He does record songs and albums. But he also helps new voices like Lebanese Natasha who recorded a duet with him last year.

Medhat Saleh performed this song for a TV drama, the song talks about greed and overlooking the need of others. The song is about standing next to one's brother and sister in one line. If you want to own life--be honest. Share what you have with others and take part of their sorrow.

Life is not to blame, we are the ones to blame. Our quest for earning a living has shut down our hearts. This is a wise songs that can also apply to what we witnessing unfold in Egypt. Medhat Saleh has always been a voice that stays away from politics, but always jump into commenting on life and other matters. I grew up listening to his music. He is like a sage to me and to many out there.

اغنية مدحت صالح - مين فيكم | اغنية مسلسل بالامر المباشر


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