Sunday, January 13, 2013

Drama Loving Boys Duet Arrives تامر عاشور ومحمد خلف - مختلفناش‬

I think the world of Tamer Ashour, he is a true talent. The saddest voice when you need one belongs to him. The passionate and loving with a hint of sadness is also him. Aside from that, he makes good music as a composer. He does not make nearly as many concerts as the other comparable entertainers.

He has released a duet with new comer Mohamed Khalaf--from the Voice. Together they rank women as types. The one that loves, the one that hurts, the one that does everything right, and the that misses your eyes. Also there are other ladies ranked. I am not sure how women feel abut this song, but I feel it has been made in good faith.

It's a sober song that might teach young men about women and all the mindsets they come in. As they say in Arabic, your fingers are not all the same. People come in different shapes and colors. Tamer Ashour composed and wrote the lyrcis himself.

 2013 ‫كليب تامر عاشور ومحمد خلف - مختلفناش‬