Saturday, January 12, 2013

Watch How Elissa As3ad Wa7da Music Video Is Stolen

Color me impressed. For once, I thought Lebanese directors are finally getting creative, but that lasted for four days. As Elissa released her music video which was directed by Salim El Turk, I loved the clip. I thought it was creative, and really something fresh. Rotana should be asking the director for some money back, this is embarrassing.

I thought the clip for As3ad Wa7da was the bomb, then the net showed me that everything cool about the music video is stolen from a European commercial. While, I am not sure who to blame, I am inclined to place the blame on the director of the music video--he is the one that got paid to come up with something original. The original commercial is American home imporvment store, Lowe's Commercial "Coloring Book"

Watch the original commercial in comparison to Elissa's music video and see how astonished you will be frame by frame. Get excited and even look this group on Facebook that took Elissa to task. This is sad because the director had unlimited funds to direct a good picture, too bad he had to go and steal from others without even trying to hide it. Elissa also shares some of the blame here and I would love to see how she would talk about this--if any at all.

Sure, the commercial was 30 seconds, but the portion stretched in the music for over a minute  And it was the most impressive portion about the music video. Now, Salim el Turk knows how to direct, but creative he never was (at least for this music video). He stole an idea and thought people won't notice.

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