Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This One Goes To Your Sweet Sweet Soulmate

In 2000, I came to the States, back home I left many things I loved. Among those things, is the romance duet that came that year. It was one of those rare songs where the music is the perfect pick for the sweetest lyrics. Hamid El Shari had a big hit that year with his humorous "Ya Ghazaly" album.

Among that CD's great tracks is a romantic song between Hamid and a little known female voice Nelly Zidan. It sounds like an American 80s song. I remember liking his song, and the music. It's a song you play when you are alone thinking about the one you love.

The main song that was all over the place was the duet with Mostafa Amar, the music video was funny. But the song here is the real treat, it has the lasting power.

حميد الشاعري ونيللي زيدان -- خدني بين ايديك


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