Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Arab Celebrities Fly First Class, Scientists Stuck In Economy

The cast of a recent comedy film flies to Kuwait in the first class section, living the video. The movie is "Miss. Mommy" The cast including Yasmeen Abdel Aziz, And Hassan Radad get to fly around in the first class section, they got to make a video of their trip living large. But the people who do the hard work and build the country by actually contributing to society are stuck in the cheap seats.

I do not hate living large, I am only making a commentary on the state of the world. People who invent build things, do not make enough money and get none of them attention. But the ones who entertain us and have little education get to walk tall in this world. Not sure who picks the tab for their trip, but I doubt they paid a red penny. They are not fastening their seat-belts and not turning off their electronic devices either.

I like those celebrities too, they make good movie and bring joy int our lives, but we have to agree they are making way too much money. In their defense, do you see them working in any other career if they do not have to act anymore.

في الطائرة ذهاباً لإفتتاح فيلم الآنسة مامي بالكويت


  1. It will be niice film, i will be bookmarking this website to know about new films