Friday, January 4, 2013

Watch: George Zogaib, The Boy About Lebanon جورج زغيب - وجعك يا وطني / فيديو كليب 2013

The extremely talented wonder boy of Lebanese and Arabic music has a sold out new year concert, where hundreds turned out for his event to show support for their country youngest singing sensation. George Zogaib's parents must be so proud of him. The Lebanese flag flies high, and George's song always call for the colors of the flag to be the only colors in Lebanon.

Now comes the music video for his first original song, a song he dedicated for Lebanon and the pains one sees there. A song about agony of that gorgeous yet troubled land. the young boy walks around Lebanon expressing amusement in its natural beauty yet channels frustrations with the politicians.

This song is about history and ancestor. The child pleas for getting along, unity among Muslims and Christians  or he would have to immigrate. It's a manly song by a young voice with a very strong and masculine voice worthy of those famous Lebanese hills. You cannot help but be proud of this young entertainer. I have enjoyed the tour of those famous all-Lebanese sites.

This kid is a rock star, he is going places and mark my word.

 جورج زغيب - وجعك يا وطني / فيديو كليب 2013


  1. Wow I am a Canadian born Lebanese and I am proud that we have talent like this young guy in Lebanon and I hope he makes it to every Politician's heart and understand his words because it seems the kidz no a days make more sense than the Elder!!!!!!