Friday, January 4, 2013

My Issue With Myraim Fares' Butt And Her Critics

In the West, feminist s have golden rule, if women were to be naked or almost naked on camera, the guys have to be nude too. Thus, it's not fair to have the woman be naked and the guys around her all dressed up. This is to ensure that women are not a commodity for the entertainment of males out there.    I think I like this simple rule. It ensures that women get to do whatever they want to do and guards against abuse.

Now, think about Arabia, we sort of do not have this rule, women entertainers are expected to show some skin on the beach, poolside, and bedrooms, but her male peers are fully clothes. I am not happy about that. It's certainly not perfect in the West, but the above rule does help put things in the right cultural frame.

Zoom in to a Lebanese celebrity who has been known for selling various body parts of hers for the highest bidder. While she tires to be all innocent and cute about it, the internet has noticed Myraim Faris overdoes it. YouTube is filled with videos of various stunts for this pop star. She is certainly withing her right here, and those who criticize her in public tend to be the same ones who admire her and lust over her in private.

Same conservative voices in places like the Gulf pay her top dollars for concerts and private events, preach virtue during the daylight. While there are some chauvinistic voices out there, Myraim certainly keeps on fueling her critics. While she is a sex symbol for many out there, she is milking her good looks for all their worth.

Watch the clip below and judge for yourself, are those pictures suitable for families that are supposedly lives in a conservative society. There's a place for such dances and place for family entertainment--Myraim Faris is taking her audience--all of them the strip club. Sure, let's try to switch the channel--expect, she is on more than one network and doing ads nowadays.

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