Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Best Crying Songs Come From Syria Aghead Al Yosef

Iraq used to be the place where the finest blues are made--it's still the place for the most part. But Syria's stocks in sad songs are growing and I am noting more and more of them fine bluesy songs are coming out of Syria. The land has been living under barrage, attacks and revolution for more than two years, so sadness is all over the map.

A young voice from that land with the name Aghead Al Yosef made available a new single. Those singers are well known for followers of the Syrian song, they are no happy pop songs for sure. Some people like to feel sorry for themselves, and such songs make is alright to do so. Aghead is a native in the city of Tartous, a well known Syrian seaport.

Agheed's song is about tears and down on your look style songs. Syrian artists are extremely talent few, the production lets them down and the lack of sophisticated media operation does them no good.

اغيد اليوسف ليش الدمعه بعيونك 2013 روعه


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