Monday, January 7, 2013

Coca Cola Egypt Gets Political اغنيه امير عيد و عايدة الايوبى - اضحك

For a lady who has quit singing, Aida Al Ayoubi makes a lot of songs. She should make songs, she is the blast form the past, the warm voice that forever will go with us when we think of home. Ever since she has that popular song that went viral about the new Egypt and she has make a half hearted comeback.

She has record a duet with Cairokee a year ago, and now she has another song with them, but this time their song is going to be used to sell Coca Cola. They have titled their song Laugh, about us being care free and let life do its thing. No one believes in Coca Cola, they believe in the huge paycheck they receive once they sell out their fans to a soft drink company.

It's not a full song, just about 60 seconds of positive, optimistic and sunshine filled track about life and the joys one finds. Something tells me this duo is not done, they seem to be quite fond of one another's signing style and what each has been able to accomplish. They are both uniters not dividers of their people.

اغنية اعلان كوكا كولا اضحك امير عيد وعايدة الايوبى

اغنية اعلان كوكا كولا اضحك | امير عيد وعايدة الايوبى


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