Monday, January 7, 2013

Rajaa Kassabni And Her Broken Glass Song

It has been many many years since we have heard a good song from the X Factor graduate Rajaa Kassabni, the Moroccan romance butterfly. Rajaa showed a lot of talent in her debut album, and all of her songs on that album were instant hits. She sang about people who change, lost romance, and the way of life.

Through it all she has always sounded dreamy, and hopeful. I like that. Now she is returning with a new single where she sings her blues in the Gulf Dialect. It's a fine art song where classical music meets stunning poetry. It's a dramatic song about the innocent relationship between a man and a woman. The song's title is "Her Broken Glass", as we all known some women are like glass, once broken they can never be brought together again.

The new single has been filmed in Beirut for a the music video, EMI is the producing partner. I am reading this is the first music video where Rajaa looks her age where her older music videos made her look older. She is attractive her and looking her best.

This is a wonderful song, for the first time in some time now, I find a female voice capable of performing complicated songs with ease. It's a breeze and the emotions are perfectly aliened with the sounds Rajaa makes.

To watch the video in the United States, click here , anywhere else, click here or here
رجاء قصابني ‫كاسها المكسور‬‏ اغنية خليجية 2013


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