Monday, January 7, 2013

Pictures: Pregnant Tamer Hosny بسمة بوسيل حامل مع تامر حسني

Waleed Mansour, the big-time Egyptian party promoter had a party for his little girl, he has invited all his friends from life and work. They came to his villa and seems to have collected some party favors. Naturally, there were many stars in attendance. The surprise guests where Mr. and Mrs. Tamer Hosny and yes, they are pregnant.

The baby bump is beginning to show and the couple looks for vivacious about the upcoming bundle of joy they are about to be blessed with. They look in love and happy to be out together, and that will made some people pissy. I say, congratulation and best wishes. Bassma Bousial is on her fifth month, so she is more than half way through.

Most people in attendance were happy for the couple and have wished them well. Other stars in attendance were Khalid Selim and his new bride, Ramy Sabry and his new bride. Mai Selim and her little girl Lili, Marwa Nasir and her brand new groom, Hamada Helal and the inconsistent songstress Shaza.

I am sure the new born will arrive in a happy and affluent home.

Tamer Hosny & Basma Boussil


  1. Congratulations on the bundle of joy. It will have a botox face just like mommy. :)

  2. Congratulations to the bundle of joy. It will have a botox face just like it's mommy. :)