Monday, January 7, 2013

WATCH: Facebook Addiction Humorous Song فس فس بوك محمد بركات وفريق سلالم فيسبوك 2013

This is the generation whose addiction is different than any other addiction we have seen. They do not do drugs as much, but they are addicts to the social media and here's the song to show you how deep in the shit those people are. An Egyptian band Salalim stands behind this song, not sure how I feel about the Facebook people, but the reality you really will struggle to find information if you are not on Facebook.

My Facebook profile, my cellphone and what's not. This is a fun song for the young in you about how attached folks are to the new Facebook world. It's crazy world out there. They even have got a soccer captain to appear on their song. This is a random song made by few friends and people who are in love with their virtual life.

I do not really want to log out, it's really hard to escape the curse of Facebook, people are giving away too much information and no one knows who is taking a peak--check your privacy policy if you can make sense out of it, enjoy the songs and the band English that comes with this song.

 فس فس بوك محمد بركات وفريق سلالم فيسبوك 2013


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