Monday, January 7, 2013

Rabih Agha Joins The Hamid El Shari Cult

Rabih Agha wanted to celebrate one of his favorite music legends, so he dedicated a song for his male crush. Hamid is a talent maker of Egyptian pop, for over 3 decades and he has been shaping the music industry  He is not done yet, his radio station and production company carry on the legacy by introducing new music talent to the masses.

I take issue with the song because, the moment any person thinks they have made it, they start falling down. I think Hamid El Shari has few more years to go, so this song should be played at his retirement get together and not his birthday party. Arab stars really appreciate their music arranger, or known here as the music producer. Those folks have the golden touches and can make a song sink or fly. Hamid was a pioneer in this industry no doubt.

Rabih is a young Lebanese artist who is in search for a big break. He is form a small town and his first public performance was at a friend's wedding when he was asked to sing...he did and he made people happy. He started doing local weddings, radio interviews and such at a young age. He went on to befriend Fadel Shaker and years later he studied music at a high institute.

Rabih AGha الفنان ربيع آغا يغني لحميد الشاعري - يا صانع نجوم


  1. Looks like the clips were mixed up. Isn't this Hossam Sherif instead of Rabih Agha?