Monday, January 7, 2013

Rand Rostom Pop Music Meets Plastic

Rand Rostom is young, good looking pop songstress whose roots can be traced back to Palestine and Jordan. But she sounds like an Egyptian and looks like a Lebanese. Rand has yet to go mainstream, but her breakout song is a catchy hit. Not sure what it will take to bring this playful pop song to a bigger audience, but this song rocks your socks off.

Haifa Wahbe got nothing on Rand, Rand can also top Mai Hariri's famous looks. This is an independently funded song with a lot of indie feel, if we are talking pop, and only pop, I like Rand's character and style in this single. She is also considering getting into acting--Egypt is the place to look for acting gigs.

There has been a lot of talk about this new comer, a lot of people are intimidated by her sexy appeal. Her photos are all over the internet and might be shocking for some. You might glad to know Rand lives in Turkey at the moment. She plans to sing for Palestine, I hope she would focus on her pop songs before getting into some serious topics.

 مسافة السكة - Rand New Pictures 2012 رند رستم


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