Sunday, January 6, 2013

Listen: Mais Hamdan New Single ميس حمدان ماريده 2013 نسخة اصلية

When in Egypt, Mais Hamdan tries to be Egyptian, when she wants some cash, she pretends to be from the Guy by doing a song in the Khalij dialect. I feel she has been already rejected in both places. She has a talent in lampooning and impersonating other celebrities.

Aside from that, I do not think can act, I do not think she can sing, and her TV hosing skills are just alright. With that on mind, here's her new single where she mimics, the khaliji songs and tries to sing "Ma Rida", or "I Do Not Desire Him". The music and beat are tired and outdated  the lyrics are dull and flat at best.

I think Mais is a good person, who has not done one thing well. She has too many pans on the fire and that might help reduce her value. She is from Jordan, not Lebanon where she would have us believe. The place of your birth should not matter, we are all Arabs after all. But when you are an entertainers, you mean different things to different people.     

ميس حمدان ماريده 2013 نسخة اصلية


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