Sunday, January 6, 2013

Listen: Melhem Barakat New Single ملحم بركات حبك كبر

The most genuine Arab composer and singer (and also crazy uncle type) Lebanese Melhem Barakat is releasing his new single about the big love he has. The composer whose bizarre antics and shameless self love has never had a boring moment when he is on camera. Melhem is an icon of Arabic music, and even those who know nothing about it, they respect him.

Melhem has said, he has more than 30 songs ready to go in the can. He has composed them and performed them in a studio. So he drops a single every now and then. He is also promising an album. His fans cheer this hit-maker and guy who makes music like it's still 1970. Not only does he composes songs for the youngest and brightest pop stars he has also given other legends his melodies.

The Melhem Barakat's approach to writing music feels like he is big on fairy-tales. He makes music like he is walking in a park and express that colorful experience with music. Then he adds his voice to the track and it becomes a classic. His voice is so complex, one song of his and you feel you have been through a lot of emotions. Joy, romance, and agony all in one verse. The lyrics are those of Nizar Francis and the music produced by Ellie Saba

The track is a 10 minute of pure class. Think of it like soul music, his voice sounds like a trapped lava trying to escape a volcano but unable to. The sound it makes it compared to that of Melhem, he has never been short on passion and energy.

ملحم بركات حبك كبر 2013


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