Sunday, January 6, 2013

Umm Kulthum "Nahj El Borda" Epic Poem / Song

The world of Umm Kulthum seems like a never ending universe  Every time you think you knew the lady and her best songs, you quickly change your mind when you hear the next song that you have forgotten.

This legendary hit making Egyptian diva has managed to enrich the Arabic music library for more than 50 years. She has shaped Egyptian culture, befriended composers, politicians, kings and presidents. She has also waged wars against her rivals.

She is many thing to different people, no two people can agree on what makes the list as her best songs , she has so many of them. Among those songs is a poem for celebrated Egyptian poet Ahmed Shawki, a poem he wrote to honor prophet Muhammad.  Nahj Al Borda is the title of this beloved poem and its refers to another poem that was written in the 12th century to celebrate the prophet. The original poem is considered one of the best poems in honoring the prophet.

It's worth noting, that both poems are well received by the people, the religious folks and the poets. No wonder Umm Kalthoum wanted to bring that poem to life.

 أروع ما غنَّت أم كلثوم ــ قصيدة نهج البردة ــ كاملة


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