Saturday, January 5, 2013

Listen: Dance, Blues And All 2013 New Singles

Here are few singles from mostly Syrian artist whose talent is too big to overlook. Damn, the market and the politics, those Syrians know how to party and most Arab entertainers find them to be the perfect concert audience. One thing, they are all clean cut and good looking who look like models posing for a magazine cover.

A mainstream song that mentioned Facebook, Twitter, hackers and No comments. You can thank all dudes favorite hit maker Hussam Gneed for that dancey single. I love this track, it's meant for people who know their social media. Others won't relate.

حسام جنيد هاكر هكر 2013 DJLIFENOW·49 videos

Bassam Khalifeh is singing the blues, the one he got when he tried to romance someone that left him. I know people out there who have trouble sleeping at night, will find something in Bassem's new single to put them to sleep.

بسام خليفة انا حبيت 2013

Now, this is a cheerful song to kick off the year with. Wael Hassan released his single and he sounds pretty good. A catchy song is what we need to warm things up, he is made for concerts and young men will find no shame in dancing to his beat. Well done Wael, and I hope you get more gigs, they help pay the bills and bring out the best in an artist.

وائل حسن تقبر قلبي 2013

This song talks about doing drugs to help one cope with the day. This is a nostalgic song form a guy who used to do drugs and drink. Again, this is Mohamed Al Asmar a guy who knows what party goers  want. Al Asmar talks about real people, I chose not to believe they exist. The song is bittersweet where a broken heart is enraged, but right before it has become jaded is was the most romantic out there.

محمد الاسمر انا وياك 2013 توزيع جديد

Taim Hallaq sounds like a guy who has been through fire for the sake of love. And his 2013 single puts the dots about the trails of love. I love this style of songs and I am a big fan of any person who can make a song like the one Taim has just recorded. The guy can rock, he is taking an issue with eve who broke his heart and maybe cheated on him. I know some women dig those songs for one reason, they feel better about themselves

تيم حلاق عم تبكي 2012


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